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After writing, shooting & airing our lil “short movie” / avatar invite this week, the tough challenges of it all really took me by surprise, and made me respect the industry all the more. It also made me take note of this seminar I thought I’d share. Its by la producer & highly sought-after screenwriting teacher/”pitch doctor” barri evans who will be hosting an intensive screenwriting seminar from feb 2-4. from what i hear, her seminars are amazing and really help-

barri evins always wanted to be a storyteller, and after finding out that she couldn’t do it as a ballerina, she realized she could tell stories through film. she’s helped set up pitches at Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Disney, HBO, and more, and she’s also worked with actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and auto racing enthusiast paul newman on a few political commercials. barri’s currently working on a few projects with spider-man actor tobey maguire and a novel adaptation for lifetime. she heads a nonprofit organization called from the heart which promotes literacy and fosters a love of reading in children living below the poverty line.

i love that her dream and purpose is to help others achieve theirs and that she’s sharing her successes to help aspiring screenwriters achieve
their own. so all you aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters out there, if you’re interested in attending her screenwriting seminar, you can get more info and register by emailing!

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