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Hey guys, Ally here! When I first came across Tour de Fat I was a little confused. Why is it called that? What does it involve? After further research, it sounds like it’s going to be a pretty legit day, and even better, it’s a FREE festival!


New Belgium Brewery is putting on their annual celebration of bikes and beer in Palmer Square. The day will start with a bike parade, and continue with live music, circus acts, and lots of beer and food!

What will you see at this festival? Allow me.

Mucca Pazza is a 30 piece circus punk band. Interesting, right? They’ve been rocking out in Chicago since 2004; you won’t want to miss their one-of-a-kind performance! Here’s what The New York Times had to say about Mucca Pazza:

“Clowning constantly but playing precisely, Mucca Pazza’s compositions invoke a world of brass bands and marching bands, from American high-school style to zigzagging Balkan tunes to something akin to a Fellini soundtrack- fun in a relentless way.” -New York Times

If marching band music isn’t your style, what about Los Amigos Invisibles? This Venezuelan band plays a blend of disco, acid jazz and funk along with Latin rhythms to rock the crowd.

But if you’re looking forward to the circus acts…


The Yo-Yo People, holders of 4 Guiness World Records, will be entertaining at this year’s Tour de Fat. Here’s a little peak of what you can expect from them:

You could even be part of their act! The dynamic duo often asks for volunteers during their show. Do you dare?!

This festival is environmentally friendly and raises funds for local non-profits.

West Town Bikes is a proud non-profit partner, and has been participating in this festival since the beginning.

But something that is even cool than that? One lucky attendee will hand over their keys in exchange for a bike lock. That’s right, they will trade in their car for a brand new bicycle! Seem crazy? Check out this video of last year’s brave soul!

So how can you take part in this fun-filled day?


Who: Anyone and everyone is invited!

What: Tour de Fat festival presented by New Belgium Brewery

Where: Palmer Square Park

3100 W Palmer Blvd

Chicago IL

When: Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why: Because why not?!


Just like the flyer says, “best described by being here.” Even though the name itself still doesn’t make much sense to you or I, Tour de Fat sounds like one heck of a time. The perfect way to spend your Saturday! See you there!

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