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If you follow me on twitter, you know my life is crazy, and that last weekend was no exception. Photos showed me splitting a bottle of patron tequila w/ buddy John Mayer at underground, vacuum packing Jeremy Piven’s cell phone in rice after he dropped it in the toilet at sunda, jumping on a dozen tv & radio stations live talking about raising money for art & theatre programs for kids, taste testing more food than most eat in a week, trying to fit more crazy tasks & adventures in a day/night than humanly possible to do whatever I can for my team & city!

It occurred to me though that some of you aren’t following me on twitter and are missing out on it all! That’s not good! So I included a sample of my tweetpics / life in the last couple days here so you can get a feel for what you are missing! It’s always random, always crazy, always entertaining.. and most important.. a great way to stay in touch and create a relationship as I have with so many others! Enjoy- and then click here to follow me on twitter too!

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